Special Letter and Review of Panchenko Aleksey PAMM Trader

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Here is the Special Letter from Panchenko Aleksey PAMM Trader, exclusively only in www.pamminvestments.com

Dear investors, traders!

I am glad to welcome you. For your convenience, placed the most complete information about myself as well as the work principles, characteristics and parameters of the PAMM-account. I hope that the information set out below will help to answer most of your questions in the course of our cooperation!

• Alexey Panchenko
• 1984
• Russia, Ufa

• Trading in the financial markets
• Asset management
• Education in the field of trading and investment

• Degree in economics
• Diploma of secondary education under the “Analysis of the financial markets and the sale of financial assets”

Experience Trade and teaching activities:
• Private trader since 2010
• Trade is carried out on the MICEX (stock market, FORTS Derivatives Market, Foreign Exchange Market), FOREX
• In the period from 2013 to 2015. he held the position of full-time Analytics – a consultant in “X” Company, Khabarovsk. trained Beginner
traders and investors, on the subject: “Analysis of the financial markets and the sale of financial assets”
Trade and asset management:
• Since June 2014 working as the Manager of the PAMM-accounts using personally developed automated trading system
• From April 2016 it opened the offer for investors and work is being done in the PAMM-account format.

Form of government:
• Private person

• Automatic Trading System (using VPS – Server).
• The strategy of medium-term (one transaction per week, 52 per year).
• Trade is conducted exclusively on a single instrument.
• Operating range – it does not matter.
• Trading signals are realized upon reaching a certain level of prices, and activation of a formalized algorithm pending orders to open a position.
• The duration of retaining the position from one day to a week depending on market forces.
• A formal algorithm for closing the position, always executing Take Profit, Stop Loss.
• Orders are set immediately after opening the position and do not change.
• Use a Trailing Stop to protect already obtained a positive result;
• Stop Loss is approximately Take Profit;
• Do not use: Martingale, coups, topping, Blocking position.

• Trade is a constant for a certain lot in a series of transactions (series may consist of one or more transactions). Upon completion of a series of changes to the next item in accordance with the Money Management.
• The purpose of the transaction up to 5% of the PAMM-account assets at the beginning of the next transaction.
• Capital is managed using the method of fixed percentage of the total assets.
• The risk of up to 5% of the capital at the beginning of the next transaction, possible subsidence in the moment. This level of risk was installed using a conservative approach based on a “optimal F», described in the book “The Mathematics of Money Management. risk analysis methods for traders and portfolio managers, “Ralph Vince.
• Taken together, the above described parameters are the result of the use of relatively large leverage, usually up to 1: 6.
• Trade the account maintained with a high risk, invest only what you are willing to risk.
• The amount of allowable losses amount recommended on the level of 50% of the original investment amount. Maximum drawdown in the historical moment – 35.83% was recorded in 2005 (according to test results). When drawdown – 50% of the yield peak trading stop.
• The average annual yield of 32.57%. The result obtained on a test basis for the period from 2003 to 2014. (Over 12 years).
The best results were recorded:
2006 + 90.89%
2010 + 63.36%
2012 + 99.88%
I draw your attention that the results obtained in the past are not indicative of future results.
• As part of the PAMM – service I believe that the bill – a conservative and is designed mainly to medium-term and long-term investment (more than 6 months).



Since this review is written on April 24 th 2016, overall trading result for 1 year 10 month is 69,2% profit. Within his age 32 year and almost 6 year experience in forex trading, I thought this trader is alternative to choosen by investor.

Let see what he is doing in trading, with profit 69,2% , and return per risk  1,32 is quite good, and recovery factor  is 4.79 is also good number. So in term of result we can expect a good result from his trading.

How about the managing risk? He have maximal drawdown is 17.08% with the volatility is 2.81, the average leverage used  is 4,54 and the maximum leverage 6.08%. according the managing risk graph he is quite moderate trader.

Here is the declaration of Panchenko Aleksey about his trading result commitment

Parameters Actual Values Declared Values
Max Drawdown 17,08%   06/10/14 50%
Maximum Daily Loss 5,36%   04/08/15 25%
Maximum Leverage Used 6.08    15/12/15 25
Maximum Leverage Set 1:25    16/04/16 1:25

Happy investing in the PAMM investment!