Special Interview and Review of “Shooting Star Trading” PAMM Trader

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Interview (17 January 2015)

We have an opportunity to make a special interview with “Shooting Star Trading” PAMM Trader, here this interview :

1. Question : Hi “Shooting Star Trading” Could you tell us about your age, family, and education?

Answer : Hi! I am 35 years old, my father is a doctor and my mom teaches math in elementary school, I am a management engineer specializing in finance.
I working with 3 colleagues: one is physical engineer and the other 2 are economists.

2. Question : When did you learn the first time about investment (stock, forex, option, commodity)?

Answer : when I was about 25 at the last stage of university I started to become more and more involved with finance. Especially in forex because people can trade actively with relatively small amount of money, so access to this market is easier compared with futures market for example.

3. Question : Why you choose this kind of investment as a trader?

Answer : Because they allow more flexibility and allow to manage my finances exactly according to my needs.

4. Question : When did you become a PAMM trader?

Answer : Through an intense and continuous study, and gaining more and more experience, I found some edge over some markets under certain conditions and I thought to make them exploitable by potential investors interested in diversify their assets. Also the PAMM account is a very versatile and efficient way to invest.

5. Question : What kind of typical trader are you? (scalping, day trader, swing trader, position trader, or mechanical trader (using Expert advisor)

Answer : We use quantitative diversified automated trading-systems, constantly monitored and adapted on the basis of qualitative macro-economic and geo-political analysis.

6. Question : What kind of classification trader are you? (aggressive, moderate or conservative)

Answer : It depends, overall I could consider myself a conservative trader, this does not exclude that some strategies have a profile very speculative but I try to make them weigh little on the total percentage of my finances, favoring the stability of returns.

7. Question : What kind pair and strategy do you use?

Answer : As I said before we use quantitative TS monitored and adapted in function of what happens in the world, so they aren’t static systems but dynamic ones, and we apply them on every tradable instrument on which we can find an objective edge  allowing us profit from them.

8. Question : What helps to pick you up after an unsuccessful trade?

Answer : Being rational, never get involved emotionally and continuing to apply the strategies avoiding the temptation to recover the loss by an overexposure, this only can lead to bust the account in the long run!

9. When do you usually trade ?

Answer : There is not a specific time in which we trade. We trade when opportunities arise that shift the probability of success in our favor. However we try to avoid moments with very low liquidity (like critical news) to prevent the risk of poor execution.

10. Question : How do you spend you free time when you are not trading?

Answer:  I love to ride my bike on the track, take care of my dog and my cat, hiking, enjoy life’s little pleasures with my girlfriend, my family and my friends

11. Question : Have you any declaration about your trading?

Answer : The philosophy believes that trends and patterns continue to occur and repeat in today’s marketplace and therefore producing profitable opportunities. However the increased micro-volatility and long periods of range-bound trading renders traditional trend-following approaches less effective than in the past. The program was developed to improve on this. Our Team evolved the principles of tradition momentum/drift models by employing advanced market-phase recognition models and statistical projections, making the program excellent in identifying serial-correlation periods and adjusting the exposure conveniently.

​This results in a cohesive trading strategy that is both nimble and adaptive which is suited to a wide range of market conditions.

​Our programs target long-term positive expected returns with low correlation to traditional asset classes. Sub-strategies are intended to have low correlation to each other.

​A dynamic risk budget is utilized based on risk/reward, performance and market environment to achieve a smoother return profile limiting risk on a portfolio level.

12. Question : Tell us about how you handle the investor to make them comfortable to trade with in PAMM account with you !

Answer : I try to give them information as exhaustive as possible (limited to those that I can give) about the investment strategy and risk management, remaining congruent and realistic, and trying to communicate what it is likely to expect from it. I believe this professional approach helps investors to have confidence in our investment products and, even before, in the people behind them.

13. Question : Maybe a book, some advice, an observation, any useful recommendation you can make which is useful not only for forex but also in life?

Answer : Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” is an outstanding book if interpreted in the right way, that is not the strictly military one, because it teaches how to evaluate and plan actions as efficiently as possible, and also what is good to do and what you should not do, only on the basis of objective facts in a strategic view.
My personal tip for success is being able to separate as much as possible the operational approach and the emotions: it is good to have a program, to have a rational approach to our objectives, leaving the pleasure of enjoying the emotions to human and sentimental relationships  … I know it’s very difficult to separate these 2 aspects of life but I believe that the more you can manage it the more you will be able to take effective decisions.


Review  (12 March 2016)

This PAMM trader is a mechanical type trader  using the expert advisor system, that make sense that he love to avoid emotion involvement on the trading. “Shooting Star Trading” have very good increase profit graph, until this review have been written reach 97,6% all time result for more than 2 year 5 month. The return per risk is 1.08 and the recovery factor is 5.01.  The maximal drawdown is 12.7% and the volatility is in level 1.17, the average leverage is 1.25% and maximum leverage is 6.09%.

If you are an investor who likes gaining a consistent profit with low risk, “Shooting Star Trading” maybe suitable to you. You will gain a profit in relax condition because his profit is very consistent with risk is very minimum. All the indicator of maximum drawdown, volatility and leverage used is very minimum that why he called conservative PAMM trader, and very suitable to manage pension fund.

Happy investing in the PAMM investment!