Special Interview and Review of “Viola” PAMM Trader

PAMM Forex Model with touch screen


1. Question : Hi Viola! Could you tell us about your age, family, and education?

Answer : As I am – in engineering and mathematics, graduated from Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute (then so called) on a specialty “Applied Mathematics”. For a long time worked in the Institute as a software engineer, then the analyst. Hobbies : psychology. Age, like any woman, I do not want to mention, except to say that my daughter 25 years. And my husband is a businessman.

2. Question : When did you learn the first time about investment (stock, forex, option, commodity)?

Answer : investment activities, I met a long time, about 1993-1994, but could not seriously address and only focused on my family, helped her husband in business, and take care my daughter. A trader activity requires a lot of concentration. As time passed, my daughter grew up, graduated from the economic university. And I can finally devote myself to trading.

3. Question : Why you choose this kind of investment as a trader?

Answer : Trading, it’s fun! Back in high school one of my favorite subjects was “Game Theory”. In trading, I found what I like most in life – psychology and mathematics.

4. Question : When did you become a PAMM trader?

Answer : Initially, I did not plan to be PAMM manager, I would only manage their finances. But when I deeply penetrated into stock trading, saw its possibilities, then decided to open a PAMM account. This happened in October 2014, and the offer I opened in December 2014.

5. Question : What kind of typical trader are you? (scalping, day trader, swing trader, position trader, or mechanical trader (using Expert advisor)

Answer : I have been trading using mechanical trading systems.

6. Question : What kind of classification trader are you? (aggressive, moderate or conservative)

Answer : I am conservative trader.

7. Question : What kind pair and strategy do you use?

Answer : Use the trend strategy, traded portfolio, which includes 8 diverse tools: currency pairs, gold, ETF (equity and debt markets).

8. Question : What helps to pick you up after an unsuccessful trade?

Answer : If you do not break the trading plan, the failure of trade does not happen, because all the “drawdown” planned. For each trading system monitored daily, and if the “drawdown” for some of them reaching the border values, the system shuts down.

9. Question : When do you usually trade ?

Answer : I have been trading on the daily time-frames.

10. Question : How do you spend you free time when you are not trading?

Answer:  In my spare time I like to read, go on nature, communicate with friends, family, attend training on personal growth and development.

11. Question : Have you any declaration about your trading?

Answer : The Declaration is available at the website of the company “Alpari” in the relevant section.

Parameters Actual Values Declared Values
Max Drawdown 20.63%     25/11/2014 40%
Maximum Daily Loss 7.37%       07/11/2014 18%
Maximum Leverage Used 17.96        13/11/2014 28
Maximum Leverage Set 1:500        06/10/2014 1:500

12. Question : Tell us about how you handle the investor to make them comfortable to trade with in PAMM account with you !

Answer : For investors, I created an acceptable offer, which provides not too great reward manager. At the forum try to answer all questions and answer when I write letters to the personal mail.

13. Question : Maybe a book, some advice, an observation, any useful recommendation you can make which is useful not only for forex but also in life?

Answer : I noticed that the behavior of traders, investors on the “Forex” is a reflection of his behavior in life. To be successful in trading, you must first “correct” behavior in life. This well help a variety of psychological practice and technology.



I am admire with this PAMM trader, as a PAMM trader that just open an PAMM account since 3 month ago, Viola have already listed in top ten PAMM account ranking, she is in the no.5 rank (when this article was written). With the profit of Viola is 181.9% reach in 3 month !! She have return per risk is 2.1 and the recovery factor is 4.49. It’s mean we can expect a good result from her trading. How about the managing risk? She have maximal drawdown is 20.6% with the volatility is 5.57, the average leverage used is 8.51% and the maximum leverage was at 17.96%. This risk is represent she a conservative PAMM trader with moderate risk that represent with her volatility, maximum drawdown and maximum leverage used. With her openness declaration it’s mean she is confidence enough to manage her trading.

Happy investing in the PAMM investment!