Special Interview and Review of “SVS-71″ PAMM Trader

PAMM Forex Model with currency flying

Here is the special interview with SVS-71, exclusively only in www.pamminvestments.com

1. Question : Hi SVS-71 ! Could you tell us about your age, family, and education?

Answer : My name is Vitali. I am 43 years. I have higher education, grew up in a family of teachers and mathematicians.

2.  Question : When did you learn the first time about investment (stock, forex, option, commodity)?

Answer : For the first time learned about investments in 2009 by his cousin, who is a successful financier and trader for over 15 years.

3. Question : Why you choose this kind of investment as a trader?

Answer : Learn about the possibility of a trade-investment, I immediately realized that this was my area, an area where I can succeed!

4. Question : When did you become a PAMM trader?

Answer : PAMM trader I started about 2 years ago.

5.  Question : What kind of typical trader are you? (scalping, day trader, swing trader, position trader, or mechanical trader (using Expert advisor)

Answer : I have been trading timeframe Daily. Apply as manual trading, and designed by me automated trading systems.

6.  Question : What kind of classification trader are you? (aggressive, moderate or conservative)

Answer : I am moderate trader.

7.  Question : What kind pair and strategy do you use?

Answer : A trend strategy based on moving averages (Moving Average). I work on many currency pairs, indices, futures and metals. In total more than 100 tools in my trading.

8.  Question : What helps to pick you up after an unsuccessful trade?

Answer : In the days of unsuccessful trading try to think about what this day – the next step to a new maximum profitability.

9.  Question : When do you usually trade ?

Answer : I have been trading around the clock.

10.  Question : How do you spend you free time when you are not trading?

Answer : When I am not trading, read books devoted to trading, analytics and watch training sessions.

11.   Question : Maybe a book, some advice, an observation, any useful recommendation you can make which is useful not only for forex but also in life?

Answer : Strategies gradually teach you to achieve the desired result. Realizing it once, you’ll be able to easily implement it happen every time.



I am notice that this PAMM trader found his proven strategy that represent with an acceleration of profit result started on Oct 2014, until now he is in top ten PAMM account rating (when this article was written). He is a mature trader within his age and also represent in PAMM account trader that more than 1 year trading. With the profit of SVS-71 is 277.9% reach in 1 year 4 month, that was an awesome result. And he have return per risk is 1.43 and the recovery factor is 1.87.

How about the managing risk? He have maximal drawdown is 50.8% with the volatility is 4.97, the average leverage used is 10.82% and the maximum leverage was at 24.21%. This risk is represent he is a moderate PAMM trader with moderate risk that represent with his volatility, maximum drawdown and maximum leverage used. And this is match with his interview. With his openness declaration it’s mean he is confidence enough to manage his trading.

Here is the declaration of SVS-71 about his trading result commitment

Parameters Actual Values Declared Values
Max Drawdown 50.82% 20/08/2014 60%
Maximum Daily Loss 9.20% 21/10/2014 20%
Maximum Leverage Used 24.21 23/10/2014 25
Maximum Leverage Set 1:500 18/09/2013 1:500


Happy investing in the PAMM investment!