Newton RUR PAMM Trader Review

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By the time this article is being written, this PAMM trader is one of the PAMM account rating which is listed in the first rank. It is said that this trader began his trading in 2005. In his age of 47, he is mature enough and has a high level of working period. This PAMM trader likes two books. The first title is “Tradings with Dr. Elder : the Speculation Encyclopedia“ that he wrote with his friend, Alexander Elder. The second one is “Technical Analysis” by Jack Schwager.

He is called as a Newton RUR PAMM trader because he uses the Newton strategy in which this indicator has a similarity with the Newton mechanical formula.  The PAMM Newton trader is a conservative trader. It is reflected in his result of trading records and also the declaration of this particular trader itself, which is the maximum drawdown is only 13.25% and the highest leverage is only 7.44. The risk level is in level 3 which is meant the volatility is only 3-5%. Return per risk is 2.17, recovery  factor is above 10, which is 10.67. Furthermore, the trading record which is only nine months with the profit achievement  355% is a great result with a quiet low risk. It is not surprising that the Newton RUR is placed as the winner of the PAMM account rating.

Below is the declared Newton RUR Table :

Parameters Actual Values Declared Values
Maximum Drawdown 13.25% (05/12/2014) 30%
Maximum Daily Loss 4.04% (03/12/2014) 12%
Maximum Leverage Used 7.44% (16/04/2014) 13
Maximum Leverage Set 1 : 500 (11/04/2014) 1 : 500


If you really want to invest your money with a quiet safe level of risk and a quiet good level of return, you can select this Newton RUR trader. By investing your money in this PAMM trader, you can sleep well since this trader has an alert system with a measureable stop loss and an internet mobile or Wi-Fi connection if he is in mobile position. And if  he goes to the dessert which has no internet connection, he will close all the positions. But this is truly a very rare case to happen.

Happy investing with PAMM investment!