PAMM Investments : Smart Way to Invest Money

PAMM Investment Shake Hand

What is the smart ways to invest your money today ? I interpreat the definition with this :

What kind of Investment that profitable, low risk, without deeper knowledge, and without trial and error to become profitable, and easier to handle without hassle ?

My experience as a trader is only 5% of the trader become profitable, growth and consistant. The complicated knowledge, emotion, lack of capital will the some factor limitating the trader become successful.

Do you ever try become a trader of stock, forex, options, or commodity ? that very deeper knowledge with trial and error, the challange with extra effort and adrenalin. Are ready for it ? I have a moment that loosing my money with margin call (MC) in forex, that the expensive learning for knowledge. The unforgettable moment and the precious moment that I have to learn, what is the wrong point with the system, with my knowledge and with my emotion.

Today there is the smart ways to invest your money is follow the successful trader, it’s easier become investor rather than become a trader. But how we ensure that the trader is good the follow and how we ensure our money are not solely to trader account (the mechanism to invest your money with segregation account you and trader), and your can easily invest the money or draw down your money. Good news is, there is the answer to for the smart investor that called PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module), what I called genius mechanism to become successful and smart ways to invest your money.

PAMM mechamism have a  software application usually in foreign exchange (forex) brokers to allow the investor to invest their money to one trader or more trader.  Trader activity trades, profit and loss with segregation account but follow account according the ratio. If the trader profit 10% you also have profit 10% ratio from your account.

PAMM application have some chart and numeruos number of performance like return in one day, one month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year and all the time period. There is represent the profitable and growth with consistance or not. But you should also consider with your risk to investing the your money, yoou should be smart to select the trader with low risk, risk level for instance the volatility return range, more volatile the risk is more bigger.

Your homework is just select and analyze where is the best trader that suit with your style according trader performance, my suggestion is diversify your investment into several trader. The golden rule of investment, “don’t put your money into one basket”.

Welcome into the world to offer the smart way to invest your money.

Good Luck