How to use Equity MQ4 Indicator in Metatrader Chart

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Equity mq4 indicator is a forex custom indicator that is available for MT4 and MT5. The Equity mq4 Indicator shows the equity line of your account as you trade, in your metatrader chart. You can download it for free and apply it in your trading strategy. It’s easily plot in the trading chart without any significant problem. There are many sources where you can save the original file of this indicator into your metatrader trading software and use it for free to improve your strategy.

By using this indicator, you can seize your equity account all the time. You can simply see this indicator to keep an eye for your equity account instead of using the terminal column of your metatrader. To keep your total Lot in every transaction, you may use this indicator as many times as you wish. The more you use it, the more you keep your total Lot. This will help you manage your account so that you won’t have a big Lot. Something that can harm your trading at the end.

Below is the list of how to use Equity mq4 custom indicator:

  1. First, you have to download it (for free)
  2. Save the Equity mq4 file into folder: \metatrader\experts\indicators
  3. Open or resume your metatrader software
  4. Select a chart where you wish for to place Equity v8 mq4 Indicator
  5. Press the ‘Indicators” key in your toolbar
  6. Position your cursor on “Custom”
  7. Search and press the Equity mq4 Indicator in “Custom” list
  8. Adjust your setting or press the“OK” key
  9. Your Equity v8 mq4 Indicator is now available in your trading chart and ready to use

If you want to delete this indicator from your trading chart, you can easily perform below list:

  1. Select the trading chart where the indicator run
  2. Press the “Charts” key in menu bar
  3. Select “Indicator list”
  4. Select Equity mq4 Indicator and press the “Delete” button

Or, you can also run these steps:

  1. Select the trading chart where the equity indicator runs
  2. Press “Ctrl + i”
  3. Select Equity mq4 Indicator and press “Delete” button

Now, this indicator is being erased from your trading chart. Next, you can practice your trading with this indicator and make some contributions to find the best tactic for this indicator. After that, you can share your experience with other traders or brokers so that they may follow your success.

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