How to Become a PAMM Trader ?

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Before reading further this article,I want to warn you not to continue your reading unless you have a high determination to be a trader. It’s only 5% from all traders in the world who succeed and become professional traders with a consistent profit. Most of them do not succeed and even lost pretty much money. But if you already become a professional trader and have a consistent profit, or you are a new comer but having a strong eagerness to be a successful trader, PAMM system is the smart solution to multiply your investment. It’s because you will receive an additional support from investor in form of some additional fund to be used as your capital. And it’s pretty sure that you will receive a quiet big profit sharing percentage from the investor’s fund compared to your own money.

So, how to become a PAMM trader? To be a good trader, firstly I suggest you to invest in the forex knowledge. It has a various knowledge and it is impossible for us to learn all of it in a short term. You have to learn methods, mindset, and money management in forex transactions. You can also use the virtual account to practice whether your strategy fits to you or not, and will it give you a consistent profit?

Secondly, you have to register yourself to the brokerage company which provides  a PAMM system. You will be asked for providing your datas, and the most important thing is you must have a clear address, private email address and also a private handphone number since those datas will be your private communication tools between you and your broker. You will be necessarily asked to submit additional documents to be a PAMM trader, depending on the broker’s request in which the same documents will not be requested if you register to be an investor or a non-PAMM trader. Remember that you will be a manager of a quiet big money from your investor, so it is needed to make some clear verification of your private data.

Thirdly you have to invest your money to be a trader. You will be requested to place at least $300 to be a PAMM trader. You are free to transfer it by banking transfer or other instruments like PayPal or credit card.

The fourth step is that you must register yourself to be a PAMM account trader and submit a profit sharing proposal to the investor. Beside considering about your performance profit, investor will also make a consideration about the profit sharing you offer. That’s why you have to pay attention on the profit sharing composition and a minimal investment needed by the investor.

Now, you can start doing your forex trading with a MT4 (meta trader) or MT5, like you usually do your trading in the non PAMM trading. Your broker in the PAMM system has done everything you need to the investor fund. The better you trade, the more attracted the investors to invest their money to you. Give your effort to be listed in the PAMM account rating so that investor will trust you more. It’ s because traders who are listed in the PAMM account rating have passed the criteria requested by the system to make a consistent profit and also have small risk at the same time.

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This is the detail step by step how to become PAMM Trader / PAMM Manager

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Happy investing. Good luck !