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What is PAMM investment system ? Why this system is the smartest ways to invest money for investor. Here is the reason.

Every one need to earn money, isn’t it ? According Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Cash Flow Quadrant, there are 4 quadrant source of income :  Employee, Self Employee, Business Owner, and Investor. Sure if you want to earn money, the smart way  is being investor. Make the money work for you.

Is  being investor easy? of course not.  How do you invest your money today ? stocks, real estate, gold, diamond or forex ? So many instruments is offer around the world. How do you choose the good ones ?

First question: How about the return of this investments ? I want the return of my investments more than 10% per year. Yes you can, even 100% per year is possible.

Second question:  I don’t have too much money to invest, is it possible to make a money with small money ? Sure, you can start to invest as low as $ 10.

Third question : I don’t have to much knowledge to learn about. Is there any instrument without deeper knowledge and easier to handle without hassle ? The answer is Yes, you just choose and invest, it’s very easy, even your 10 year old child can do it.

Fourth  question : How about security with my investments ? Sure You have authority with your own money and investment. You can draw your money as easy as you invest your money. And there is a system to support your own investments.

Fifth question : I want to be diligent investor, I should check the detail of this investments performance. Is this kind of investments provide the chart and exact calculation ? Definitely Yes. I love you as diligent investor, abundant chart and parameter to check this kind of investments. I don’t want you become a blind  investor. But if you choose  just select the good one, this instruments also provide. And in this website with my experience, I also give you a tips and suggestion to assist you. And the important thing is you can CHOOSE YOUR OWN STYLE, AGGRESSIVE, MODERATE, or CONSERVATIVE investor.

Sixth question : I don’t want to be the first investor,  I want to see the other investor is entering this investments. The answer is Yes. A lot of people doing this.  You can be one of thousands smart investor from this investments. You just don’t know this kind of investments.

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In the world of investments the good return is from FOREX Investments, you can earn return 100% not only in a year, but you can earn in one day. Sure you should thing about the Risk, Is this investments is very risky ?  Actually NO, if the professional and expert doing this. Like Motor GP, it’s very dangerous sport but with the pro, You and me can love this sport so much. In Forex is also provide very minimum capital, because they have instruments for leveraging the capital.  The key point is entering the FOREX instrument and  JUST TO FOLLOW THE GOOD TRADER

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Yes  I agree but I want to know more about this, is this the kind of forex signal and I should trade with my own with MT4/MT5 ? (It is the platform to trade in the FOREX currency)

NO,  just like I said  JUST TO FOLLOW THE GOOD TRADER, the only one you should do is just check the performance of the trader with the chart and calculation that provide in this website.


Check this Video about PAMM Investments


The next question is about PAMM Broker. I want the best PAMM broker to maximize my investment. Can you provide it ?

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Today there is the smart ways to invest your money is follow the successful trader, it’s easier become investor rather than become a trader. But how we ensure that the trader is good to follow and how we ensure our money are not solely to trader account (the mechanism to invest your money with segregation account you and trader), and your can easily invest the money or draw down your money. Good news is, there is the answer to for the smart investor that called PAMM Investments (Percentage Allocation Management Module Investments), what I called genius mechanism to become successful and smart ways to invest your money.

PAMM mechanism have a  software application usually in foreign exchange (forex) brokers to allow the investor to invest their money to one trader or more trader.  Trader activity trades, profit and loss with segregation account but follow account according the ratio. If the trader profit 10% you also have profit 10% ratio from your account.

This PAMM application have some chart and numerous number of performance like return in one day, one month, 3 month, 6 month, 1 year and all the time period. There is represent the profitable and growth with consistence or not. But you should also consider with your risk to investing the your money, you should be smart to select the trader with low risk. So many parameter that you can select the good PAMM Trader, you can learn step by step the criteria to select the trader, eg. maximum drawdownreturn per risk ratiorecovery factorvolatility. But the easiest is from PAMM Rating that already combine the some factor criteria. You can find detail more information for PAMM investor you should know that make you are not as a blind investor.


Some interesting PAMM Trader you could consider

1. NightS2P

Real time overall profit as below :

2. SAM

Real time overall profit as below :

3. Keltner channel pamm

Real time overall profit as below :


Real time overall profit as below :


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For Excellent Trader

Read this carefully, If you are excellent trader. this is the smartest ways to invest your money through PAMM investments system, and you can MORE BIGGER THAN INVESTOR. The PAMM System offer the huge opportunity to leverage your capital because many investor looking for your skill to joint with you. With profit sharing mechanism you can get more profit. In this PAMM mechanism the capital is doesn’t constraint anymore.

My experience as a trader is only 5% of the trader become profitable, growth and consistent. The complicated knowledge, control the emotion, lack of capital are some factor limiting the trader become successful. Do you ever try become a trader of stock, forex, options, or commodity ? That very deeper knowledge with trial and error. Are ready for it ? If you ever have trading you should familiar with 3M (Method, Mind, and Money Management). Have you mastering the 3M ? How long you learn about that ? Some people can be learn about Method, and could be Money management, but Mind is very difficult to learn. Find yourself if you trade more than 1 year with consistent profit every month, Bravo ! You are one of the 5% successful trader in the world. You can be a professional trader ! And you can make a trading for living. Of course with support with PAMM Investments system, you can RICH MORE QUICKEST.

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For Newbie Trader

If you still in progress to become a successful trader or in progress to sharpen your skill, I also give the abundant information for PAMM trader to support your dream in financial freedom.  You can check the trader level you are in the journey to achieve the 5% successful trader. And In my experience is very important the know what type of trader you are, scalping traderday traderswing traderposition trader or mechanical trader. This the basic knowledge that some of the trader forgot.  I also give the important thing about fundamental analysis and technical analysis especially in forex market. Some of technical analysis is about counter trend analysis and trend analysis, you should also learn about indicator forex like Moving AverageBollinger BandMACDStochastic Oscillator, RSI, ATR, Alligator, William % , Momentum, Parabolic SAR, Guppy, Fractal, Fibonacci, Zig zag, Daily Pivot, Ichimoku, CCI, ADX, MFI, A/D, Keltner, Spread Metatrader, Equity etc. And some fundamental analysis : PMI. CPI, FOMC, Interest Rate, CCI, Non Farm Payroll, Building Permit, Core Durable Goods Order, Crude Oil Inventories , Home Sales, GDP, Trade Balance, Unemployments, Retail SalesPersonal Consumption Expenditure  etc

If you learning in forex world the is a huge  information offering like robot, forex guru and many offering. But if you want to be a good trader and trusted by investor you should have your own style and confidence. And you can declare what your style, what your target profit, risk reward ratio, target drawdown, etc. If you are ready to find your self with consistent profit, this is the time you can become PAMM trader that offer the huge leverage and opportunity to reach the quickest financial freedom.

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Welcome into the world to offer the smart way to invest your money through PAMM Investments.

Good Lucks and Happy Investing !